Sunday, 15 September 2013

Almost done!

Almost done with what I brought out here to paint and what I have had shipped out.  It has been great to get so much done but I have to say that this last squad was a little difficult to finish.  Power Armour usually get a little tedious once you have painted so much of it, but they turned out pretty good.  I had fun working on the shoulders and trying out the glazing method to get a good change in colour.  Its hard to see in the picture but I work with what I have.  Hell I've even had to borrow the camera to take all of the pictures so far.  For this squad I've painted them up with mainly a Black Legion feel but I've painted a purple/pink onto one of the shoulder pads.  After playing with CSM's in my army lists with the new 6th edition rules I thought it would be fun to thrown in a Slaanesh marked unit and try them out.  I've also mixed in pistols, bolters and close combat weapons because I'm going to give them the full load out.
The last thing I would like to share is something that I have had done up while I'm here.  I have always wanted to get something done for the Gaming Club back home and could never decide on what.  Before I left home, during a paint night at a friends, I brought up the idea of a "Challenge" system.  The idea is that someone starts with a club "item" and signs his/her name on it.  He/She can be challenged by anyone else in the club once a week.  The Champion has to accept as long as life doesn't get in the way.  The two players decide on a points value and play their game.  If the Champion wins he/she keeps the "item".  If the challenger wins he/she takes the "item" and signs it.  I got the idea from one of my favourite podcasts and they use a hoodie. 
When I brought up the idea of the hoodie at paint night I was given the idea of a banner instead.  What a great idea!  Now where to get something like that made.  Well I found someone out here that can make pretty much anything I could want so I designed up a banner for the club and while I was at it I designed one for myself as well.  They both turned out great.  I was hoping to get the club banner the same length as mine but there was a miscommunication.  Once I'm home I will mount them both with some doweling and a base and we will be good to start the Challenges.

Get ready guys because I plan on holding onto this for a while!!!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


2 Months and Counting!

I've had the chance to play a few games now and as the time goes by we get a few more models in and painted.  I figured I would share what I have been able to get done in the past 2 months.  Now to decide on a way to get it all home.

First up are the cultists.  These were the minis I brought with me and started off with.  One set is painted up to go with my Khorne army and the second is painted for my renegades/nurgle army.

I have had the Warmachine objective markers for quite some time and I've finally gotten around to painting them.  I don't play the game anymore but the objectives look awesome.

Last but definitely not least I have painted and added to my collection Abaddon, Huron, a Chaos Terminator Sorcerer, and a second Nurgle Oblit.

I have started work on a 10 man unit of Chaos Space Marines for the Black Legion.  They all have the full load out with close combat weapons, bolt pistols and bolters.  I have finished 6 of them and once I finish the squad hopefully I'll get a game in with them and post some pictures.

The last thing that I worked on, and I couldn't wait to get this model, was the Khorne Lord of Skulls.  I was really excited to see the new rule set for Apocalypse and some of the models that followed.  I have heard a lot of people moan over this model but I like it and can't wait to get it home and hit it with the airbrush.  I have fully magnetised it for ease of transport, painting and gaming.

This model was fun and easy to put together and is covered in detail.  GW loves their skulls and so do I.  Stay tuned so see the last bit of stuff I get pained while I'm away from home.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Out Of The Country and Making Do!

Water was consumed in the making of this Battle Report!


 Chaos Space Marines VS Space Wolves

Recently a friend of mine started getting into Warhammer 40k and in so doing has started collecting Space Wolves.  He has only purchased a few models so far but in an effort to show him the game and teach him not only the rules of 40k but the rules of his army we have been getting together in the evenings to play some games.  The armies are 1000pts and all but his HQ are proxy water bottle lids.  To make the 1000pt mark I also have a few proxy units.  Here are the armies for the game.

Space Wolves:

(1) Canis Wolfborn

(2) 3 x Wolfguard all with Power Swords - all attached to the two Grey Hunter and Blood Claw packs

(3) 10 x Fenresian Wolves
(3) 10 x Fenresian Wolves
(4) 7 x Grey Hunters
(4) 7 x Grey Hunters
(5) 5 x Blood Claws – one with a flamer

Fast Attack:
(6) 3 x Thunderwolf Cavalry – one with a Power Sword

(7) 5 x Long Fangs with 4 Heavy Bolters
Chaos Space Marines:

(1) Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armour – VotLW, Lvl3, Mark of Tzeench, Force Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar

(2) 20 x Cultists – 2 x Flamers, Champion with Shotgun
(3) 20 x Cultists – 2 x Heavy Stubbers, 17 x Autoguns
(4) 5 x Chaos Space Marines – VotLW, Champion with Power Sword, 1 x Plasmagun
(5) 5 x Thousand Sons – VotLW, Champion with Doombolt

Fast Attack:
(6) 5 x Warp Talons – VotLW, Champion with Gift of Mutation

(7) 1 x Obliterator – VotLW, Mark of Nurgle

As you can see we are working with what we have.  After an evening of watching movies and turning out some oh so awesome terrain we were ready for some games.  Our table of choice is a Triwall shipping container which is aprox. 48”x40”.  Big enough for smaller games.  So with our armies built and the bottle caps ready to go we rolled for mission and set up.

We rolled “Big Guns Never Tire”.  I love this one!  For set up we got the standard 12” deployment and we rolled up 5 x objectives.  I only have 3 here that I painted so the other two guessed it.....BOTTLE CAPS!  However, with these ones we coloured the tops black.  For Warlord Traits Mike rolled the Tenacity Trait, I think that’s what it’s called, where his warlord and retinue get the Feel No Pain rule when within 3” of an objective.  I rolled the “Black Crusader” Warlord Trait which gives my Warlord and his unit Preferred Enemy Space Marines.  We forgot Night Fight and we skipped the Mysterious Objectives for this one.

I won the roll off and decided to set up and go first.  Mike did not steal the initiative.

You can’t really see the objectives in this picture but you’ll get a better idea of where they are in later ones.  I have one in my deployment zone that is right behind the Tim Hortons Tower of DOOOOOOMMMM.  There is one next to the building on my right, one in the middle, one in front of Mikes centre building and one on a building off to my left.  I deployed my Thousand Sons on the left flank to push them into the building.  My Sorcerer set up with close combat cultists to move forward with them.  The Chaos Space Marines were placed behind the tower to hold the objective and the “Shooty” cultists were deployed on the right so they could push forward towards the building and hold the objective located there.  My Warp Talons and Obliterator were held in reserve to Deep Strike.

Before I move on the Mike’s deployment I would like to share another improvisation of ours.

Now on to Mike’s set up.  On his right flank he put a pack of his Fenrisian Wolves out front to shield his Blood Claws.  On his left flank he put his second Fenrisian Wolf pack out in front of one of his Grey Hunter Packs.  In the centre holding the objective he has his second Grey Hunter pack and his Long Fangs set up in the building.  To his right of the building and in behind the Grey Hunters he has Canis with his wolves and the Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Ready for Turn 1!

Chaos Turn 1
Go forth my minions!  Starting off the turn I cast Endurance on my autogun cultists then moved them up to the objective trying to stay at a decent charge range from Mikes wolves.  My close combat cultists moved up to the low wall also trying to stay at a decent charge range from the wolves and get a cover save when the Long Fangs start their torrent of fire.  I pushed my Thousand sons up into the building to get ready for the Cavalry and Blood Claws.  My CSM squad stayed on the objective behind the Tower.  To end it off my autogun Cultists with Relentless granted from the Endurance spell fired on Mikes Grey Hunters on the middle objective killing two.  They passed their leadership check.

Space Wolves Turn 1
Mike kept his wounded Grey Hunter Pack on the middle objective to hold and shoot.  The second Grey Hunter Pack also stayed still deciding on letting the wolves move up in their stead.  Both packs of Fenresian Wolves moved up intent on getting to grips with the cultists.  The Blood Claw Pack moved up behind the wolves using them and the building to their front as cover.  Canis and his Thunderwolf Cavalry also moved up behind the smaller wolves.  The Grey Hunter packs fired on the autogun Cultists killing only a few as their Feel No Pain kept them alive.  The Long Fangs targeted the close combat Cultists and were also only able to kill a couple around their cover save.  The Fenresian Wolves being within charge range went for it.  The ones coming for the autogun Cultists needed 10” and were able to roll exactly 10”.  On the Overwatch I only had to kill two of the wolves and they would fail the charge.  Sadly I was only able to kill 1.  Here they come!  The second pack coming in for the close combat cultists only needed 7” and of course that’s what Mike rolled.  I concluded my Overwatch and killed just enough of the wolves with my flamers that they failed the charge.  Whew!  That was close. In the ensuing assault phase Mikes wolves kill all but 6 of my autogun cultists.  I roll their leadership check........SNAKE EYES!  Woo Hoo!

Chaos Turn 2
I start off by casting Endurance on my close combat Cultists.  After successfully stopping the charge of the second wolves pack my CC Cultists move off to save the other Cultist squad from certain death and the Sorcerer Lord moves into the building joining the Thousand Sons to prepare for the inevitable attack on that flank.  For reserves I was able to bring in my Warp Talons.  I placed them right in behind the two Grey Hunter packs and beside the Long Fangs.  Lucky for me, being so close to enemy units and the edge of the table, I rolled a hit for their deep strike.  I was within 6” for all 3 squads so Mike started rolling for the Blind rule.  All said and done both Grey Hunter packs were blind but the Long Fangs were able to pass their check.  The Thousand Sons, Sorcerer, and Chaos Marines all fired their bolters into the Fenresian Wolf pack and killed all but one.  My “choppy” Cultists charged into combat with the “shooty” Cultists and wolves.  All of the Fenresian Wolves were killed but I lost a few cultists from each squad in the combat.  Everyone consolidated and got ready for the Space Wolves turn.
Space Wolves Turn 2
Having both of his Grey Hunter packs blinded hurt Mike on this turn.  He moved one squad up a bit to get within rapid fire range of my cultists and the second squad moved up to shoot at either the cultists or the Thousand Sons if need be.  The Thousand sons were going to be a problem if his Thunderwolf Cavalry somehow failed their charge.  The Long Fangs stood still and the Blood Claws moved up around the building to support the Thunderwolf Cav in close combat.  Mikes luck did not pick up during the turn.  His one Grey Hunter pack double tapped the cc cultists and with Endurance on them he was only able to kill 3.  The Long Fangs fired at the Thousand Sons and only killed one and the second Grey Hunter pack fired at the Warp Talons killing one.  Not looking to good!  To really bring home the bad luck the Thunderwolf cav failed their charge and in the ensuing overwatch from the Sons lost a man.  The Blood Claws were just out of charge range.

Chaos Turn 3
The Sorcerer cast Endurance once again on the Cultists because they would be going up against the Grey Hunters.  I was able to bring on my Obliterator this turn which saw him land in the open off to the left of the Grey Hunter pack on the objective.  With the Thunderwolf Cavalry and Blood Claws stuck out in the open the Thousand Sons and Sorcerer stayed put and prepared to fire.  The Chaos Marines moved back behind the tower so they would a lot harder to hit by the Long Fangs and the Warp Talons moved up to assault a Grey Hunter pack.  In the shooting phase the Thousand Sons with the help of Doombolt and and the Assault 3 AP 2 spell (can’t remember the name) from the Sorcerer saw the Thunderwolf Cavalry dead and Canis’s wolves dead.  The Obliterator fired at the Grey Hunters and didn’t cause one wound.  The cc Cultists and Warp Talons assaulted the second Grey Hunters pack and the combat was bloody.  The Warp Talon champion challenged the Wolf Guard and killed him.  One Warp Talon and a handful of Cultists were dead at the end of the combat along with all but one of the Grey Hunters.  So we stuck it out to fight another round.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Mike is now between a rock and a hard place.  His Blood Claws move up to the building ensuring an easy charge and Canis also moves up.  This time he is going to make it.  The free moving Grey Hunters move up to the close combat ready to save the remaining member of the other squad.  The Long Fangs fire at the obliterator hoping to drop him before he gets within charge range.  Still no luck.  Not one wound.  The Blood Claws fire their pistols into the Thousand Sons killing one then charge in along with Canis.  The Grey Hunter pack charges into the Cultists and Warp Talons.  The Warp Talon Champion challenges again and kills the Wolf Guard in the combat.  The other two Warp Talons are killed in the combat along with a couple more cultists.  Thank you endurance!  The remaining member of the other Grey Hunter pack is killed along with a few from the other squad.  Chaos wins the combat and the Grey Hunters hold.  Canis challenges the Sorcerer but is on his last wound and is killed while the blood claws kill all but the champion of the Thousand Sons while losing a few of their own.

Turn 4 sees the end of the game.  The Obliterator makes the building with the Long Fangs and after shooting at them is able to charge in and tie them up.  The Cultists and Warp Talon finish off the Grey Hunters.  The Cultists consolidate back onto an objective and the Warp Talon moves up to the building to charge in and finish off the Long Fangs.  The Sorcerer and Thousand Son Champion kill off the remaining Blood Claws.
Mikes army building is getting a lot better and he is starting to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of his army.  My army did much better than I thought it would but I think that has a lot to do with the bad luck Mike had throughout the game.  That ends the very long BatRep and I hope you all enjoyed the write up.  Stay tuned for more bottle cap throw downs!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Keeping a Blog?!

I keep a Blog like I keep a Journal. Not at all! It’s only been 10 months no big deal. I don't even have a good excuse. I've been busy sure but holy crap! Well let’s see if I can get this going again. It has been a very productive 10 months at least. I have gotten my Khorne army painted up and I’ll post some pictures later on. I even added a Khorne Lord on Juggernaught to the army which was awesome to model and paint. It also doesn't hurt that he is a bad ass on the table. My World Eaters have made an appearance in 2 tournaments so far this year. I didn't do too hot in the first tournament and I was 1 point away from winning the 2nd one. I have also started painting all of the extra Chaos Space Marine stuff I have around the house for the Black Legion supplement. At this time I’m out of the country on business but that hasn't stopped me. I have brought some stuff with me to work on during my down time and I will post pictures of that as I finish it. Before I go I would also like to apologize to zweischneid26. By the time I saw your comment it was too late. I can't get on your site from here so I don't know if you used the picture or not but if you did that’s great. Stay tuned for a very "interesting" battle report.