Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Hallowee.....BRAINS!!!

Happy Halloween Nerds!!!!

With it being Halloween it was time to start painting zombies!

Monday, 26 October 2015

From The Painting Table

October has been a bit of a busy month.  We have gotten quite a bit done around the house here, and it may not be work but I've been crushing Dragon Age Inquisition this past week.  Its been hard to tear myself away and get back to painting.  I am also working on the 40K Radio Freebootaz monthly Motivational Challenge and that has pushed me to get things done.  This month I pledged to finish my Relic Predator and yesterday I did just that.  

On top of the work done on the Dreadclaw and the Pedator I've been working on some Infinity.  A friend and I decided to get into something new and Infinity is what we have chosen.  So far I'm really enjoying the game play and the models from Corvus Belli are beautiful.  I've started  a Morat Aggression Force starter set.  I'm going to throw my work on this set into this post because I don't really want to do another one right on top of this one.  Hope you guys enjoy.

I'm not entirely sure of the shade of the blue on the plasma cannon.  I feel like I maybe should have made it brighter on the rounded edges and on the edges of the metal.  Possibly even do some small white edge highlighting.  Thoughts?

Next up are the Morats.  I'm still not sure whether or not the female one is wearing underwear under those belts.

This was the first time I've made mock up urban bases for any of my miniatures.  I was going to buy some from Micro Arts Studios because they have a really amazing selection, but it really came down to not wanting to shell out the moolah.  With a bit of plasticard and spare bits I think they turned out pretty good.  Now I just have to make more!

A few of the bases while they were WIP.

Finished!  The more interesting of the bases was the Zerat (female) as she was standing on a large rock.  I left a couple of the others on the small rocks that they are standing on because I could just blend them in as a bit of rubble, but for her it would look really out of place.  I ended up using a piece of I-Beam plasticard and cut it on the same angle that she was standing.  Once the base was ready I used a hobby saw to cut her off of the rock.  It was a little finicky because there wasn't much of her foot and I didn't want to saw so much of it away that she no longer had toes.  Once it was cut off she mounted onto the base beautifully.  She is standing straight up and isn't off balance at all. Whew!

That's it for now.  I just got in one of the 3 Thudd Guns I ordered for my Renegades and primed 34 Zombies.  On top of that I dug out a second Basilisk that needs to be finished for more Renegade artillery.  November should be a busy painting month.

Please take the time to check out a friend of mine's newly minted blog "The 40K Misfit".  It's a great read and he already has few posts up.  You can find the link in the upper left corner of my blog under My Favorite Blogs.  Enjoy and comment!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finished Nurgle Dreadclaw


It's finally done.  I finished the Dreadclaw a few days ago but had to wait for the water effects to dry.  It takes quite a while when you use so much.  Its actually still a bit wet at the edge around the outside and looks a little white in places.

I had a lot of fun working on the base.  Trying to figure out how to properly use the water effects was a challenge but I'm very happy with the turn out.  Even the splashes worked out pretty good.  Deciding on how to paint the rock was also a lot of fun.  I didn't just go with the grey with a grey drybrush boring effect.  This has actually made me want to rebase my entire Nurgle chaos army.

On top of that, painting all the nurglings was a blast!  They look awesome all dancing around on the base and a few old school ones flowing out of an engine to join their friends in all the fun.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the WIP and the finished product.  Comments and criticisms always welcome.  If you see something I did that could have been done better or in a different way please let me know because I'd like to continue trying different effects.

Without further adieu.