Saturday, 17 November 2012

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! No wait it''s......Trogdor?

Well its been a month filled with red and brass paint.  So much damn red and brass!  On top of all that, winter is now officially here.  After going back to my parents for Remembrance Day I spent approx. 2 hrs shoveling the damn snow out of my driveway.  I love winter but I could definitely do without the foot and a half snow fall/drifts in the driveway.  

As far as painting and modeling goes it has been a fairly productive month.  For the 40k Radio Freeboota Motivational Challenge I pledged my Helldrake and finished it last week.  It was a fairly slow process and pretty tedious at times but I love the way it turned out.  I still have to decide on what to do with the base.  I have an old OOP Rhino model that I was thinking of half melting half wrecking on the base but im still a little torn.  I'm also busy with a few other projects at the moment so for now the base will stay unfinished.  Here is the completed Helldrake.

Since completing the Helldrake I have moved on to trying to get some of the Dark Vengeance stuff done.  Here is the lord that I finished a few weeks ago and now im working on the Chosen.

Along with the Chosen I have built 2 different squads of havocs.  I have always wanted some but I couldn't bring myself to buy the metal ones.  They kinda looked crappy and they cost a fortune to get 4 of one kind.  So I went on ebay and bought some Space Marine lascannons and coverted 4 heavy bolters to autocannons.  Now I need to get them primed and painted.  Because I have a Nurgle army and a Khorne army I couldn't decide which paint scheme to go with.  I decided to go with Black Legion colors for both squads.  They are easy to paint and add to my armies and this way they act as detachments to both armies.  It sounds fitting to me seeing as how Nurgle doesn't employ a lot of heavy weapons and Khorne is all about close combat.  Here is where I stand with them so far.

Last but not least here is something I have been working on for a friend of mine.  In my last post I mentioned that this friend had given me the new Chaos Warpsmith model and for that I was going to build him a model.  The model he wanted built is a counts as Huron Blackheart.  I didn't have a helmetless head to use so I had to opt for the one with the mask piece.  I used an ork choppa for the power axe and a raptor lightning claw for the claw/flamer hand.  I also had a really old Ral Partha model that looked perfect for the Hymadra (pretty sure I spelled that wrong but oh well).  I think it turned out pretty good and once painted will look pretty bad ass.

Tonight a friend and I are going to try out some casting.  We shall see how that goes.  Hopefully we have everything we need but I guess we'll see.  Also tomorrow I'm going to get in a game with my Epidemius/Chaos Space Marine list.  I know its a bit of a net list but I have always wanted to be able to use the Epidemius model in my army and who doesn't want to use a bunch of zombies as well.  Hopefully I remember to take some shots of the game and I can do a BatRep with the next post.  That's it for now.  Talk to you guys soon.