Monday, 16 November 2015

Family Photo!

So far this month has been mainly taken up with work, family time and .... Dragon Age Inquisition.  I have to get it finished though you see.  Why you ask?  Well because Fallout 4 won't play itself and I can't just start playing that when I still haven't finished DA.  That would be like cheating.

I've done a bit of painting and its all been focused on getting some of theses guys done.  I have been able to finish 15 out of 34 and I'll be getting the next 15 out to paint right away.  Along with painting the zombies I have also been working on a diorama layout for my nurgle/renegade army.  I think I have the plans and ideas down now so once the zombies are done (or possibly before) im going to start working on it.  I'm also waiting on a nice big order of Infinity models and more additions to my Renegades to come in the mail any day now.  I think I have finally found an 1850pt build that I want to run.  I'll post up the army list shortly.

Here is what I was able to get done over the past couple of weeks.  Comments and criticisms always welcome.

Penal Legion zombies (they look a bit more red in the picture)



Risen Guard


I've decided that I'm going to rebase my nurgle and renegade army.  Right now they are a grey dry brushed with grey and it is really boring.  After doing the Dreadclaw I knew I had to do the rest of my armies to match.  So the Zombies are the first ones to get the new bases.  All I'm missing now is some tufts of dead grass from Army Painter.  I'll be getting some of that right away to top these guys off.  Now I just have to do everyone else's base along with my other projects.  Easy right?

On top of all of these guys I also have a few other Renegade projects ready to go.  They should both go quick if I would just sit down and break out the airbrush.  More artillery for the party!

Thudd Gun (waiting on 2 more)

Basilisk #2 (This ones for you Chris.  Spikes on top of spikes makes it Chaos right?  I thought of you when I "converted" it.)


  1. You should have given the guy with no legs a bow and arrow and you could have named him leg'o'less


  2. Hahaha damn it that's a great idea!